The foundation for a successful website that keeps delivering for you and your customers:

Your ultimate website roadmap

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to build your website?

Unable to keep up with ever-changing web technology?

Is your website keeping your business from growing?

Don’t have a website and don’t know how to get one for your business?

It doesn't have to be that way!

First though, let’s agree on one thing:

Bad websites don’t go away. Or fix themselves.

They only get worse.

And that costs you money — sales and clients you’ll never see.


The right roadmap changes everything

No more guessing at crossroads.

No wasted time going down one dead-end street after another.

You get to the goal. 

All is well.

In 5 weeks you will create a tailored roadmap, empowering you to build, or have built, your next website with confidence:

Knowing that it is aligned with your business goals and effectively connects with your ideal customers.

Who is this for?

This course is for those who need a website that works for them, 24/7/365:
small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs.

Whether you plan to build the website yourself or have it built for you.

Platform agnostic: The roadmap works with any toolset you use to actually build the website (such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and others).

Your Ultimate Website Roadmap

Get clear on what your next website must do for your business and your customers

A website that is aligned with your business and effectively connects with your customers will actually help your business grow and more than pay for itself in just the first year.

You’ll be excited to tell people to go check out your website, because you know it will be helpful for them. And help build the so important know, like, trust factor.

A guided, proven step-by-step process to determine the roadmap for your next website/online platform

Stop wasting time and energy trying to figure it out on your own, always worrying that you missed something. Cut out expensive mistakes. Skip the rabbit holes.

Determine the best way to create your next website

There are many ways to actually build a website: You can do it all by yourself. You can get coaching as you build it. You can have someone else build it for you. There are pros and cons to each. Discover the right approach for you.

Find the right platform for your next website

WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, a bazillion themes, hosting — lots of considerations in choosing the right platform for your website. Be confident that you make the right choices, for now and for years of growth.

The right features and functions, with no bloat and no confusion

Websites can do all kinds of cool things, but will they actually help customer conversion? Determine exactly which functions and features your website needs to accomplish your business goals and effectively connect with your customers.

I had a new business and no website

In 2007, I started a business to produce video and film.

Previously I’d created video and training materials for a major university and worked in design, video and publishing with an international nonprofit. I’ve worked in the US and internationally.

But now I had a new business and I needed a website. A friend was a web designer. So I asked him for help. His response surprised me: “You’re a smart guy. You can figure it out.”

Okay. Definitely not what I expected.

But challenge accepted. Yes, it was a steep learning curve. The first website was pretty, but didn’t convert. So I kept learning. And iterating.

Honestly though, I had a distinct advantage: I was an experienced designer and writer. Plus I knew coding.

Eventually got a website built.

Then someone asked me to build a website for their business.

One thing led to another and now my main focus is online platforms.

I’ll help sort out all the options to find the solution that is best for your organization. Not just now, but for the long haul.

It’s never only about a website. It’s about creating an online presence that makes you successful and improves the lives of your clients, your tribe.

Claes Jonasson at Cloud Gate

3 key parts of your successful roadmap

Business graphic

Your brand.

Goals, products, services.

Your customers and their journey.

All aligned with your website.

Content graphic

The right text, images, graphics, video communicating effectively with your ideal audience.

The right content in the right place.

Your voice.

Knowing how to create it all.

Technology graphic

Planning the website build.

Selecting the right platform to grow with.

Connecting with services and tools that expand your website’s capabilities and add value.

quote mark

I have full confidence that this will be a website that will not fall down, that I will be able to sell things from and that it won't just end up looking pretty good, not useful.

Sarah de Nordwall, pilot participant

quote mark

The best part was our weekly get togethers where we could see the progress. The cohort experience is valuable.

Bill Welter, pilot participant

quote mark

It was really helpful. It was connecting all the dots. Looking at what are the pages that are going to be the most important, and what needs to be on those pages. And then how do those pages all linked together with one another, so that you're taking people on a journey through the website, so that it does flow from one part to another wherever you are.

Jackie Trottman, pilot participant

Your ultimate website roadmap

Here's what you'll get in the course:

5 week focus

Just long enough to get the job done.

Tools for success

Weekly, pre-recorded video lessons, worksheets, checklists, and assignments.

Plus my Website Content Creation Guide to help you create the right content for your website.

Live Zoom calls

Weekly 60-minute live teaching and discussion.

Live calls recorded and available in members’ area.

Slack community

Because we are better together.

Connect, explore, get feedback from others building their roadmaps.

I will be in the community regularly during the course.

1:1 milestone calls

2x 30-minute milestone calls with me:

Review of your business goals and how you envision them tying in with your website.

Review of your roadmap, to ensure it’s ready to build successfully. As well as your next steps to keep the momentum going.

Mini-website shortcut

Your roadmap will include an alternate path to a mini-website that you can implement quickly.

So you can reach customers now, while still building your full website.

Limited to 20 participants to ensure optimal learning experience and action-taking.

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Limited to 20 students to provide ample time for interaction and support.

This course pilot will be offered at a special price, with massive access to me. It’s unlikely that I will offer this content again, with this level of personal attention, at this price.

What about a guarantee?

Best tools

This course pilot is based on best practices from my over 10 years of 1:1 client work creating custom websites.

Couple that with brand new research and you have the best tools for creating your ultimate website roadmap, regardless of platform used to actually build the website.

Co-creation environment

From the very first session, we’re all working together to create your custom roadmap.

That's the magic of co-creation: We're better together. While addressing your individual needs.

Because of the co-creation nature of this course, there are no refunds.


Personal time with me

To ensure your success, you get 2x 30 minute 1:1 sessions with me during the course:

We'll review your business goals

We'll review and fine-tune your personal roadmap to make sure it's ready to build

Just-in-case support

If you get stuck building your website based on the roadmap within 3 months of end of the course, I will get on a call with you to get things back on track again.

One more thing

Where will you be a year from now?

Still struggling with your website?

Still missing out on sales and clients?

Or will you have a website you’re excited to tell people about?

Because when they get there, they’ll see for themselves how to get to know you, like you and trust you.

To become your best customers.